Top things to do in Rwanda

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Rwanda is a small landlocked country covering an area of 10,169 square miles (the smallest country in East Africa) which is about a third the size of Belgium. It is an East African country located in the heart of Africa, being bordered by Uganda in the North and North-East, Tanzania in the East, Burundi in the South and the Democratic Republic of Congo in the West. Rwanda was nicknamed the land of a thousand hills or Switzerland of Africa due to its beautiful green scenery and hills surrounding it. Much as the country is small, she is beautiful and endowed with fascinating attractions, which makes the country a “paradise on earth”. Tourists visit most of the attractions within a short distance without going far because most of the interesting things are close to each other.

Rwanda went through a hard times due to the 1994 genocide (known as 100 days of slaughter) whose wounds are still fresh in the hearts of the people. However the country has exhibited hope and resumption and has now become Africa’s comeback kid embracing tourism without forgetting that its among the cleanliest countries in Africa , economic development and prosperity of the country.

Rwanda’s tourism has revived and gone though a lot of transformations. Do not wait for someone to tell you about the beauty of this country. Visit this country and exploit one of the top interesting places in the country. Below we bring to you the top things to do in Rwanda and nest destinations for you on your visit to Rwanda.