2 days Rwanda chimpanzee trekking tour

The 2 days Rwanda chimpanzee trekking tour  takes you to Nyungwe forest national park and gives you an opportunity to see chimpanzees in their natural home. This 2 days chimpanzee trekking tour is one of the most rewarding short trips that nature lovers can do in Rwanda as they will trek one of the oldest mountain forests in Africa that is rich with a wide diversity of wildlife, mostly known for its many primates such as the chimps and many other species of monkeys, in addition to many birds and rare plants. Nyungwe national park has a population of more than 500 chimpanzees making it one of the best destinations for a chimpanzee trekking tours.

On this 2 day chimps trip to Nyungwe Forest National Park you will also do the canopy walk tour which will expose you to breathtaking views across the forest, plus give you a chance to see up-close some wildlife that live in the top of the trees such as the monkeys and birds.

Day 1: Transfer to Nyungwe forest

After breakfast, you will be picked from your hotel in Kigali , your safari driver will brief you about the safari and then embark on your journey to Nyungwe forest national park. Nyungwe forest national park is an amazing forested national park and an exception tourist destination, the park is a home to 13 species of primates that is chimpanzees, Olive baboons, L’Hoest monkeys, Ruwenzori colobus, Vervet monkeys, silver monkey, Grey-cheeked mangabey, red-tailed monkey and many forest birds. Your drive to the park is about 6 hours and on your way you can make a stopover at ethnographic museum in Huye, as you approach the park you will enjoy beautiful panoramic views of hills, Lake Kivu and kibira national park of Burundi. You are to get in the park in afternoon, you will have lunch and then go to the park for a canopy walk. Canopy walk is a very rewarding experience , as you walk on the raised metallic canopy above the tree tops you will enjoy eye’s view of many birds, views of surrounding hills and trees of the forest. After the experience you will drive to your lodge, have dinner and stay overnight.

Day 2: Chimpanzee trekking  in Nyugwe forest

Wake up early in the morning for breakfast, check out of your lodge and then drive to Uwinka visitors’ centre of Nyungwe forest national park for briefing about chimpanzee trekking experience. After the briefing you will hike into the forests in search for chimpanzees, in search for chimpanzees you will see many primates such as Olive baboons, L’Hoest monkeys, Ruwenzori colobus, Vervet monkeys, silver monkey, Grey-cheeked mangabey, red-tailed monkey,  over 200 tree species and over 300 bird species. After locating the chimps you are allowed to stay only one hour with them and in this hour you can enjoy the sight of chimpanzees feeding their babies, fighting and also in this one hour you can take pictures as long as your flashlight is off. After the experience you will drive out of the park and embark on your journey back to Kigali, on your way you will have en-route lunch and upon reaching Kigali you will be dropped off either at your hotel in Kigali or at Kigali international airport for a departure.

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