As you visit Rwanda, mostly Kigali will be your first place to be. Kigali is a great place to begin or end any Rwanda journey as it’s conveniently located in the geographic center of the country. The city is clean and safe, with extremely welcoming people. Travelers will enjoy exploring the great cultural activities including several award-winning museums, burgeoning music scene, and some of East Africa’s most memorable dining experiences. Peacefully nestled along picturesque hilltops, Kigali is a thriving African city immediately notable for its cleanliness, orderliness, and hospitality.

Best time to visit Rwanda

Visiting Rwanda can be done / enjoyed at any time of the year depending on individual taste and preference , however the best recommended times for visiting are within the dry seasons when there are no rains to distract the ongoing tourist activities like mountain gorilla trekking, forest nature walks among others.
Rainy seasons – Late March, April, May and November. These months are not suitable for doing numerous tour activities and even tourists interested in self drive car services in Rwanda find it hard to use some roads.

Passport and Visas

A valid passport with visa is mandatory when travelling to Rwanda. The bilateral agreements allow nationals of the following countries to visit Rwanda without a visa for a period up to 90 days i.e. USA, UK, Germany, Canada, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Sweden, Mauritius, South Africa and Hong Kong.

Also recently the East African tourist visa was introduced and this allows you to travel within East Africa with a single document. The Rwanda Visa can be applied for online or bought upon arrival.

Access to Tour Centres and Kigali

Rwanda, can be reached by both air and road transport. Air transport is best used when traveling from overseas while road transport is used when coming from a nearby African country connecting to Rwanda; Congo Kibatsi village and the Cyangugu border, Uganda via the Kigezi village and even Tanzania.

The international flights all land at Kigali International Airport which is just two hours’ drive to the capital city of Rwanda (Kigali). There’s also a well-developed transport network within the country that eases accessibility to the tourist attraction centers like Museums, Cultural places, National Parks fun and easy.

Money & Banking

Rwanda mainly uses francs, (for a single currency unit) and the US dollar is the other widely used currency throughout the country. If you needs to exchange their money, it’s best to have it done from Kigali as it becomes quite tricky exchanging currency; cheques, credit and debit cards away from the city. The commonly used cards are; American Express, Diners Club, Master Card and Visa cards.

There are also several ATMs throughout the country which can be used for acquiring francs (the Rwandan currency) other than using the currency exchange companies.

Communication in Rwanda

Rwanda has a well-established infrastructure and communication network where from which ever part of the country you may be visiting, a well networked cell phone and wireless internet can be accessed and used for communication purposes.

There are several internet service (Wi-Fi) that run throughout the country enabling tourists to easily connect to the rest of the world when visiting the country.

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