All Gorilla Trekking Tours and Safaris

Mountain gorillas (also known as Gorilla Berengei Berengei) can only be located in Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo in the Virunga conservation ranges. For an exhilarating Rwanda gorilla trekking experience, you can find these enchanting and highly endangered primates in the Volcanoes National Park, (Parc Nationale Des Volcans). As of 2017, the Volcanoes National Park is habitat to 10 habituated mountain gorilla groups which implies that up-to  80 gorilla permits are available on a daily basis to allow visitors go for the trekking experience in the forest where they can encounter these primates. A group of 8 people can be allowed to visit a specific allocated gorilla group and are allowed to spend only an hour with these endangered apes. For the best experience, the Susa group is the best to track with a humming total gorilla population of 36 gorillas. One is allowed to visit the gorilla after presenting a valid gorilla permit that costs $ 1500 per person per trek. Part of your contribution of the gorilla permits is donated to fund the conservation of the gorillas.

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All Chimpanzee Trekking Tours and Safaris

Uganda is the primate capital of East Africa, 480 plus mountain gorillas out of a complete of 880 located in Rwanda, Uganda, and the Democratic republic of Congo. In terms of chimpanzees, there are about 5,000 chimpanzees in uganda, nearly 1,500 of which are discovered in kibale wooded area national park. Visitors can music chimpanzees in kibale forest, kyambura gorge, kalinzu wooded area, budongo forest and within the semliki valley.  chimpanzees also are in bwindi impenetrable woodland however there may be no legitimate tracking there.

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